Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

If you find yourself in Sacramento, you have to go check out Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. Her store is located at 1801 L Street in Suite 60 in Sacramento and it's definitely worth wandering in to. Besides the fact that Ginger (an amazingly talented and ambitious woman) hand makes each chocolate product in the store, the chocolates are simply delicious. It's very easy to go overboard indulging your sweet-tooth.

Ginger recently revamped her website and opened her boutique and called on me to provide the images. Here are just a few. You can see more at (But trust me, seeing and tasting the chocolates in person is a far better experience!)

The store which features a window into the kitchen.

Ginger Elizabeth

Ginger working in the kitchen


Café Cremeaux

Hot chocolate to DIE for!